FOBBS Account Data

We do store some data within the FOBBS app if you choose to set it on your profile. We have put in place some guidelines and steps for you if you wish to remove part of all of your data from your devices or our servers.

Removing your information

If you have added your name and the name of your area into your profile, these will be only be stored locally your device. By following these steps, the data will be removed instantly from your device.

You can remove this information by:

  • Going to Settings in the FOBBS app
  • Tapping on your profile
  • Going to the bottom and press Delete data
  • Confirming that they want to delete the data.

For data not stored on the device, they can remove this information by sending us a message via Settings > Account Settings > Contact us or emailing

Delete cloud data

Any other data not stored on their device in the cloud systems, for example your user id, email address and password, these can be deleted within 72 hours when you send a message via the app

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to Account Settings
  • Then Contact us

Or you can email After confirmation of receipt of your request, your data will be permanently removed within 72 hours.

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